Aims and Objectives

The Meath Community & Voluntary Forum had its beginnings in 1999. A series of public meetings were held countywide during that year, outlining the new approach to community involvement in the local democratic process. The first elections were held in April 2000 when 9 people, active in the Community & Voluntary sector, were nominated by their local community groups. These nominees were then elected by the 700 groups registered in the county onto the 4 Strategic Policy Committees (SPC'c) and the County Development Board.

As part of the overall process within the group, a steering committee evolved which put forward a number of key aims and objectives for the members. Framed within a structured environment, these included principles such as providing a structure for sharing and receiving information between members, building linkages between local authority and various sectoral organizations, locally and nationally, and representing the sector at a range of appropriate fora. Most importantly, the Forum seeks to work collectively towards building the capacity, voice and effectiveness of the sector. It does this through promoting Community Development throughout the county and developing linkages with other Community & Voluntary fora within the county.