Sports and Community Facilities Audit

Meath Sporting and Community Group commissioned an audit of sport and community facilities in the county to assess the availability and accessibility of sporting facilities in our county. Gameplan Consultants in association with Meath Local Sports Partnership designed an audit form for the purpose and undertook analysis of the resulting data.

Two auditors - trained by Gameplan and employed and managed by Meath LSP- visited 282 facilities to examine a range of aspects including design features, programming, ownership and management structures, development plans and aspects of physical accessibility.

The Key Actions of the Facilities Audit were to:

  • Devise a facilities strategy group to drive developments.
  • Provide training for management committees on aspects of leisure and recreation management.
  • Explore ways of increasing casual use of club and school facilities.
  • Place stringent conditions on grant aid/grant aid support.
  • Engage in strategic marketing of key facilities meeting broad accessibility criteria (usage policy, transport, disability).
  • Undertake comparative small area studies looking at profiles of facilities in relation to community profiles.
  • Explore opportunities for dual/multi provision of facilities.
  • Explore programming in outdoor amenities.

Original data was collected between October 2005 and April 2006 and the facilities audit information is now updated on an annual basis by the staff of Meath LSP to include both new and renovated facilities.