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BHP - INCVF Insurance Scheme

BHP Insurances Ltd. are leading insurance brokers to the Charitable, Voluntary & Community and Social Housing Sector with a specific division dedicated to catering for the needs of groups and associations who fall within this area.


With the wide knowledge base of our teams combined years of experience together with our unique expertise in the area, we have a clear knowledge and understanding of the risk and your requirements.

In 2006, we were appointed Insurance Broker for the Irish National Community and Voluntary Forum (INCVF), having arranged an Insurance Facility for their members with RSA. This facility, has provided groups with average premium savings of 47%.

In order to facilitate these groups we operate a Lo-Call number and provide low cost, comprehensive covers which cater for all groups requirements including cover in respect of Fundraising and Social Activities. An extension of the INCVF Facility has been the launch of Charity Care which incorporates specific covers designed to meet the additional requirements of Charitable Organisations

Locall number : 1890 6202030